Electronic parts catalog KIA.

We present all models produced and / or unreleased KIA Motors, except for vehicles intended for inter-market (eg, Rhino), the model divided into groups (cars, SUVs / minivans / vans, commercial) and by region. The catalog will be available for the identification of the vehicle VIN (with filtering part numbers), search by name parts (partial or complete), original number, and also shows the applicability of parts. There is a list of options with details to facilitate selection of the desired number in the absence of VIN-filter.
The choice of language is possible to separate the interface of the program, and separately for items of spare parts.

Extras. Information: Translated items of spare parts is not always correct, so it is configured to include "language items of spare parts" - english. Built-original accessories catalog, was present in some of the previous versions, this is not presented for all models.

About Microcat V6: Available in the hand "appendage" - Microcat V6 - is optional, because no dealer login and password it still does not work. How do I remove his installation - see "the installation procedure."

Year / Date: 2012/02
Version: 2011.9.0.1
Developer: Infomedia Ltd
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Medicine: Present
System Requirements: 1 GHz-processor 256 MB OZU 20Gb hard disk space
Operating system: Windows (EXCEPT 64-bit)

The installation procedure. Read BEFORE installing and from beginning to end.
1. Run setup.exe and follow the prompts on the screen. Type of installation - the "complete", select country and language to your liking, with the regions on the screen to note everything on the screen with the choice of model type - select the "passenger + R / V + commercial." On the screen with a choice list of established models in the bottom of the item is "Microcat V6". It is here, if it is not needed, it is necessary to press the check mark.
2. After installation, to abandon a reboot, go into the folder "windows  system32" and delete the file from there "mg16.dll"
3. Copy the folder "Crack" from the distribution to any folder on your hard drive where you installed himself Mikrokat. This is necessary for the correct operation of HASP-driver.
4. Go to the copied folder "Crack" and run the first file "install.reg", at the windsurfing question answered in the affirmative. Then run the file "install.bat", open a command prompt, where you will see the implementation process of the file. In contrast each of the executed commands (with the correct implementation) should be spelled "OK." Press any key to end the run file. WARNING! If you put Mikrokat update is already installed, and the previous one had been treated in the same way (HASP), then steps 3 and 4 need to miss!
5 (shaman). For those who want to punch in the program numbers of wines from all regions (except of course wine-s of the internal market) - go to the folder X:  KIA_DATA kiac.dat and open the file in the usual Microsoft Excel. In the table, empty the contents of three columns: To_Year, Production_To, Excluded_Countries, except the title, of course. Exit and save the file, ignoring the warning about the loss of some Excel data. ATTENTION. In order not to be excruciatingly painful, save the file before editing just in case a copy of it! ATTENTION AGAIN. If you are upgrading from Mikrokat board has a number of file kiac.dat component was noted a curious fact - the "fresh" kiac.dat, from the updated version did not replace the previous one, the boards. This led to the impossibility of opening the new models in the program (although they are guilty in the database, of course, were present). In order to avoid - before starting the installation to rename / delete the old file kiac.dat.
6. Reboot the computer and run the program.
7. If the program is installed for the first time (and not the method of updating), the first run after pressing "Start / Start" in the dialog box, go to the "Administration" and create a new user, making up any username and password. Then - enter the data in a window and log.

If the program does not work, does not start, does not break VIN
1. For proper installation and operation should bend so that the user has local administrator rights.
2. When prog fails to exceed the fault, there are three possibilities.
a) of this wine does not exist in the database Mikrokat. This may be a bug in wine, or the inter wines. Checked very easily. In the folder with the data of X:  KIA_Data  Vin is a file vin.idx. There - all the wine room, are present in the program. Open it for viewing (I usually use FAR Manager-ohm) and the search checks the wine. Was found - to get through, subject to paragraph 2b is not found - means no luck.
b) not edited the file kiac.dat.
c) Russian wines, starting with the letter X. Some of these numbers - beating the program directly, the other part - is "analog", ie Wine vehicle sets, brought from abroad and assembled in their native homeland. Suffice krossirovat this wine, and everything will break. The third part of the guilty with the letter X - is a machine, analog-tasting rooms that are not there. This group includes all of the spectra of Izhevsk, Izhevsk latest releases Sorento BL and Kaliningrad Sportage FM. Here you can select only the parts on models without a filter on the wine-number.
3. Error on startup type "program is outdated and needs to be updated" or "the program is outdated and over will not work" in fact, is not an error. This is a reminder program that it is time to put the new version. To start date is enough to roll back your computer up to a month of release. After Mikrokat start - the date can be moved back to the current one. If laziness every time before starting to roll back the date - use the script. The recipe several times laid out in the preceding branches.
4. Favorite. After all the steps of manipulation in good faith when you install prog still write error "Microcat has not found autorised dongle" and will not start. Personally seen this on several machines. UNIVERSAL RECIPE NO. The last tool that I can recommend - to establish a specific OS.

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