Mitchell OnDemand. The description of car repairs makes the U.S. market and imported into the U.S. car market - a description of technology of repair and maintenance, diagnostics, bodywork, wiring diagrams, parts and repair automatic and manual transmissions. Is one of the best programs to repair and is an indispensable tool for garages involved in repair and service cars.

Year / Issue Date: 2nd half of 2011
System Requirements: WinXP ... Win7 / 32 or 64 bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present

Extras. information:
User registration is attached
the registration can not turn off the Internet, it is enough to change the URL in LicenseWebService.config on something non-existent
portable-version included (required to register anew for each new computer)

Here is a complete set of repair disks + disk estimator of the 1st half.

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