Mitchell OnDemand (2nd half 2011) CD + portable version
Year/release date: 2011
System requirements: Win XP-Win 7 including Win 7 x 64
Interface language: English
Crack: Present
Mitchell On Demand5 Repair + Estimator information base on car repairs makes the u.s. market and imported into the United States car market-the description of technology of repair and service, Diagnostics, calculation of standard hours, electrical, spare parts, repair of automatic and manual transmissions. Is one of the best programs for repair and is an indispensable tool for garages for repair and maintenance of cars.
Perezalit November 28, 2011 torrent. Added portable version of the program.

Additional Charge. information:
Note: in this version, finally made a new type of activation-no floppy disks and virtual disk drives. Key generator attached to the hand.
Write out the date yet. How to shop the latest Repair and Estimator, will update the torrent.
The program can easily be put on Win 7 x 64, and works with drives Q1 2011.
Portable version
"Portable version" for those who do not want to install the program on your computer. The program stores all the settings there where is .exe file. It is _not_ a preaktivirovana. Porbable version must be activated on each computer where it is run. Moreover, once activated on the same computer, when you go to another computer you will need to delete or rename a folder of the sandbox. Otherwise, the program will swear the wrong license to new, and then, maybe, on the old computers. Therefore, this portable build is best suited for use on a single computer for people who do not want to be in the system have been traces of use. To work, the system must be installed at least .NET Framework, 2nd Edition.
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