MIXIT2000-color base SIKKENS
Year of manufacture: 2007
Genre: selection of enamel (catalog recipes SIKKENS)
Database version: 02.2007.
Description: color Mixit2000 base is updated using CD-ROM four times a year, thus, quarterly published new disk containing new or changed color formula. However, during these three months from issue one disk and before the release of the next color laboratory, Akzo Nobel creates hundreds of new formulas. Among them might be exactly what you need right now! Due to system upgrades via the Internet, Mixit2000, formulas are available to house painter immediately after their development, even if it happened between each drive! If the computer on which you installed the program Mixit2000 is connected to the Internet, the procedure looks like this-simply start the program Mixit2000 and open the following menu: Options = > System management = > Internet update, then click [Start] to load the latest formulas!
Additional information: If the image is not installed MIXIT, record a CD burned with this image and install from it.
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