MUT-III L200 Manual
Year of manufacture: 2007
Version: SM00016F
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro
Compatibility with Vista: no
System requirements: as with all associated with MUT-III is very desirable to put on a laptop, a Panasonic CF-19, CF-18, CF-30, CF-29. Calls for normal operation of the first diagnostic part of MUT-III.
Interface language: only English
Crack: not required
Description: the MUT-III service manual for Mitsubishi L200, including information on Common rail 4 d 56.
Additional information: unzip the archive SERVICE.ZIP into the folder skańćanoj, the file SERVICE.ZIP then delete. Then run the AUTORUN.EXE and install. So you have to do because the distribution in the archive here, and if you make a torrent file simply by folder, then its volume is 1.5 MB. Because the Service folder contains a large number of files. Can someone tell me-how I can somehow otherwise make torrent file a valid amount for such a case.
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