The program for the selection of spare parts Nissan and Infinity.

The distribution contains a folder with the first copy disk images Nissan_EL, Nissan_EL_INF, Nissan_GL, Nissan_US, Nissan_US_INF, Nissan_CA, Nissan_CA_INF. In order to avoid questions on installation Nissan and Infiniti by region combined into a single folder. Regions merged competently first copied Infiniti, then top with the replacement of Nissans.

Before you install unzip the files into the same folder where DOWNLOAD
Install from the folder z: \ nissancd \ EL1 \ FASTPRG \ WIN2000 \ SETUP \ where z is replaced by the drive letter where copied folder nissancd

To upgrade, simply copy the folder to the selected folder in the regions where they are on your computer with the replacement of files

For the administration and opponents of the distribution in the archives are compressed in the Archives of almost four times and easier to install and copy almost do not need anything extra, which simplifies the installation.

Year / Date: 2013/01
Version: 4.90
Developer: Nissan motor co
Language: English

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