The program for the diagnosis of Nissan cars 2001 - 2009 years. Display of parameters in real time sensor data, read and reset error logging, engine off, diagnostics and more stress.
This version works c "generic" cables, which are available free for a very small price.
The distribution included:
- Proven drivers to the "generic" cable "made in China" VAG-COM USB OBD 2 KKL 409.1 for Windows XP and Windows 7 (8) 32 & 64. The efficiency program tested me on Windows 7 (64) c Chinese cable on Nissan Skyline V35 (VQ25DD) 2003
- Manual in English I zyke to this version of the program;
- Russian translation of manual for the previous version of the program (useful in any case, insufficient knowledge of English).
- Photo cable used me.
The list of supported cars Nissan and many other useful information, see the official website of the program.

Year / Release Date: 2010
Version: 2.53
System requirements: Windows XP, 7 (32-64). Windows 8.1 (not verified). Microsoft .Net Framework Version 1.1 - included in the distribution.
Language: English
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