Denmark. Manufacturer of radiators, oil coolers, condensers (refrigerators), refrigerant compressors, filters, driers, evaporators, heat exchanger, intercooler, fans - the level of quality supplier to the conveyor with the widest coverage. Competitor: BEHR / HELLA

Extras. Information: The original structure of folders and files saved to the disk. Nothing is deleted, (just added). Of all the interesting only the directory represented by the file: NISSENS 2013. PDF (download available only it), which is indexed for instant retrieval by content. Deprotected with a file, you can copy the text, highlighting it (which is very convenient). For fans of the original - left next to the original file. Crosses are stored in excel. Other files of study, at work are not required. When you run the pre-installed Nissens.exe run flash player and displays a menu 1skrinshot. Link to the online catalog listed above. There must select the language, and do not forget to choose a lower "online catalog." Link will open a "new user". Free sign enter. The system is ready for operation. If the flash player is not installed, install it and not necessary. All can be viewed manually by running the study files.

Year / Date of Release: 07/2013
Version: 1
Manufacturer: Nissens
Support TecDoc: YES.
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 2672
Quality: Initially, computer (eBook)
System requirements: Installed pdf reader
Language: English + Multi
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