Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - the workhorse of transport and wonder.

Since the mid-1990s Sprinter convinced his owners to a great flexibility, efficiency and versatility.

This class of vehicle actually proved valuable worldwide. Sprinter often deployed in a tough missions such as retail delivery, truck, cargo platform, motor home, with a body with special equipment, or even all-wheel drive. In these roles Sprinter demonstrates incomparable quality of everyday rastsenevayuschiesya as the embodiment of light-duty truck.
OE Germany provides you with a wide range of spare parts for your Sprinter.

A similar range of products for heavy-duty trucks, we supply all the major components of engine-related parts - from short-blocks and crankshafts and engine components to bolt belt.

New items in the portfolio of OE Germany now include spare parts for transmission, chassis and steering.

About the company:

OE Germany Handels GmbH is a subsidiary of one of the manufacturers and suppliers of heavy components for the global motor giant Mercedes-Benz.

In 2009, at the height of the global crisis, the Group has decided to launch a marketing aftermarket products under its own brand name - OE Germany (OEG). The brand name is not accidental - it is a guarantee of quality and reliability of all products sold on the market of spare parts (aftermarket).

All products under the brand OE Germany (OEG) is identical to the original parts. Main production, assembling engines, product development center and a logistics warehouse located in the heart of the German automotive industry, g.Shtutgart, Germany.

The range of products under the brand name OEG for Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Deutz, DAF, Volvo, Scania, MTU, RVI, Cummins, to date, more than 3,000 titles are:
- Cylinder blocks,
- Short-blocks,
- Long-blocks,
- Crankshafts,
- The cylinder head,
- Rods,
- Camshafts,
- Oil and water pumps
- Cylinder liners,
- Cylinder-piston group
- Oil coolers,
- Air compressors and parts
- Valves,
- Vibration dampers and more ...

The main advantage of OE Germany - is responsive to the needs of the market. In the presence of a wide range of products for modern engines, such as:

* Mercedes-Benz Actros OM501/OM502, Atego / Axor OM904/OM906, Sprinter OM611/OM646, Conecto OM457/OM460
* MAN TGA D2066/D2876,
* Deutz 1013/2013
* Volvo D12/D16

Often the products are OE Germany (OEG) is the only alternative to original products.

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OE Germany. Mercedes SPRINTER Produktkatalog 2013

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