The list of functions performed:

* Identification of the ECM car
* Reading and decoding fault codes
* Remove the fault codes
* Real-time display of parameters
* Control of actuators
* Encoding of individual ECM
* Coordination and adaptation engine ECU and immobilizer (if a PIN code)
* Programming the chip-keys. (If a PIN code)
* Reset the service intervals
* Mileage correction (change path)
* Activation of BK

Software and hardware OP-COM 2010 is designed for diagnosis of electronic equipment Car Opel / Vauxhall c 1992 to 2010 mod. year, as well as models of SAAB 9-5 and 9-3, Renault Traffic.
The device is equipped with a diagnostic multiplexer channels using the line K, and the exact same unit CAN, permitting its use for diagnosis of all the electronic systems of the latest models of Opel (such as Vectra C), using the diagnostic bus CAN.

Connecting to a car going through the standard OBD connector and supports data exchange protocols ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000. Just work with the latest protocols HSCAN, MSCAN, SWCAN.

PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)
PIN6-PIN14 HSCAN - Dual-wire, High Speed CAN-BUS, 500 kbps
PIN3-PIN11 MSCAN - Dual-wire, Medium Speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps
PIN1 SWCAN - Single-wire, Low Speed CAN-BUS, 33.3 kbps

The list of supported cars:
• Agila (00-09)
• Antara (09)
• Astra-F (92-02)
• Astra-G (98-010)
• Astra-H (04-010)
• Calibra (96-99)
• Campo (01-03)
• Captiva (09)
• Captiva MAXX (10)
• Combo-C (01-10)
• Corsa-B (94-03)
• Corsa-C (01-10)
• Corsa-D (09-10)
• Frontera (96-99)
• Frontera-B (99-03)
• Meriva (03-09)
• Monterey (97-99)
• Movano (99-10)
• Omega-B (94-03)
• Sintra (97-99)
• Speedster/VX220 (01-10)
• Tigra (95-00)
• Tigra-B (05-09)
• Vectra-A (92-95)
• Vectra-B (96-02)
• Vectra-C/Signum (02-09)
• Vivaro (01-09)
• Zafira (99-05)
• Zafira-B (05-10)
• SAAB 9-3
• SAAB 9-5

Updated database of cars for the 2010 model year. All the control units of the new Astra J added to the list.
Corsa-D, EPC programming and support options for encoding.
Astra-H, Zafira-B LUK Easytronic, "learning" parameters gearbox and clutch, the adaptation point setting.
Corsa-C, Meriva, Tigra-B, Easytronic - "learning" parameters gearbox and clutch, the adaptation point setting.
Astra-H IPC coding options, and programming code index
Astra-H ABS / TC / ESP support encoding options.
All available today at the code indices DIS and EHU, audio and temperature indexes are supported.
Astra-H/Zafira-B function closing locks depending on the speed available in the REC.
All available today code index UHP and other programmable options are supported.
Insignia A20DTH added unit of measurement parameters.
Insignia EPB added unit of measurement parameters and adaptation.
Modified interpretation of the error codes for the Vectra-C Z28XXX motors.
Improved compatibility of the old interface (Eds A red.B) c Insignia and Astra-J.
Modified layout of the windows. Now you can use non-standard DPI settings in the display settings of your OS.
Added descriptions of many control units and fixed many small bugs.

Year / Release Date: August 2010
Language: English

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