Opel TIS 2000 Eng/ENG v 106.0 G (09/2009)
Year of manufacture: 2009
Version: v 106.0 G
Platform: JSDK 2.0
Compatibility with Vista: no
System requirements: Pentium 166-MHz/64 MB RAM/HDD 200 MB
Full installation-Pentium II/64 MB RAM/HDD 4 GB
Server Pentium 266 MHz-RAM 128 MB//HDD 4 GB
Language: English + Russian
Crack: not required
Description: catalogue of the documentation for automobile repair OPEL/Vauxhall. DVD disc contains a user manual Opel cars, information on the standard-setting and how to diagnose and Troubleshooting Manual for dismantling, demolition, installation and adjustment of all units and units of a particular machine, with detailed pictures of parts and special tools. Installation requires about 4 Gb of free space on your hard drive. Has a fairly simple interface that lets you work on VIN-am, or choose from the list of models of Opel.
TIS-car repair manual, operation and maintenance. Also tools for professionals. Gives relatively detailed instructions with pictures of the build process/razbirki of some units and sites. The real benefits of TIS in addition to professionals only samodelkinym with straight arms and the head.
TIS Wiring Diagrams-describes an all-electric car schemes showing the installation
Additional information: Was the mounted image in Nero 7. No additional tweaks and settings did not do-all as standard. Is no problem.
When starting the login: TIS, the password is blank.
Excerpt from the news of GM from March 5, 2009 (the latest news). THIS IS IMPORTANT! In the English language is often much more information is available, particularly in the "Service Information". Language switching in the menu "Configuration-Options"
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