Product documentation on repair OPEL / Vauxhall vehicles. DVD contains user Opel's leadership, information and labor times for diagnosis and troubleshooting instructions manual dismantling, dismantling, installation and adjustment of all components and assemblies a particular machine with detailed pictures of units and special tools. Installation requires about 4 Gb of free space on your hard drive. It has a fairly simple interface that allows you to work on VIN-am, or choose from a list of Opel models.

TIS - Guide to car repair, operation and maintenance. Same tool for professionals. Give relatively detailed instructions with pictures assembly process / razbirki individual components and assemblies. The real benefit of the TIS in addition to qualified professionals only Samodelkina with straight arms and the corresponding head.
TIS Wiring Diagrams - is a description of all electrical circuits of vehicles showing the mounting.

Year: 2009
Version: v107.0 G
Platform: JSDK2.0
Compatibility with Vista: No
System requirements: Client - Pentium 166 MHz / RAM 64 MB / HDD 200 MB
Full installation - Pentium II / RAM 64 MB / HDD 4 GB
Server - Pentium 266 MHz / RAM 128 MB / HDD 4 GB
Language: English
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