Opel/Vauxhall TIS CD v 33.0 ENG (1997)
Year of manufacture: 1997
Version: a. 02.108, Database II. 33
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Interface language: only English
Description: Opel/Vauxhall TIS provides information on repair and maintenance of car firm Opel, including the standard hours. The CD contains information on norm-setting, electrical diagrams, instructions on diagnosing and troubleshooting, dismantling, demolition, installation and adjustment of all units and units of a particular machine. This utility version supports English only. Has a fairly simple interface that lets you work on VIN cars or choose from a list of models.
Provides information on the lineup prior to the 1997 model year.
Additional information: The TIS provides information on old models, which were subsequently removed from the TIS 2000.
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