What is otocheck immo tool?
Otocheck is an advanced Immobilizer repair tool used to repair immobilizer problems in
vehicles with faulty ECU"s or immo boxes or in situation where all keys have been lost. It
can also be used for track cars where a donor engine has been used or an ECU swap
out. This is an advance tool with a comprehensive coverage a must for all lock smiths
and ECU repair stations worldwide.

Using the software
In Order to repair an immobilizer problem we first need to read the chip that stores the
immobilizer data. This is normally in the form of an 8 pin Eprom found in the ECU or
immobilizer box located behind the dash.If you are unsure of the location or chip type
you can select the make/model before starting in order to identify the chip/location in
question. Once identified you will need to read the chip with your own programmer. For
Eproms we recommend SeeProg by Elnec and for a wider chip coverage UPA USB by
elrasoft which will cover many MCU processors. After reading the chip save a copy to
your machine (also make a backup) to load into the software.

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