Passenger Kia 03/2011


Electronic parts catalogues KIA Microcat contains information on all cars by KIA, including low-tonnage trucks and minibuses. Electronic catalogue of spare parts Kia Microcat contains information on all models from 1982-1985 year by 2011, including vans, commercial, trucks, model cars and buses. 


KIA Microcat catalog comes on one DVD, it is possible to install a "Winchester" only data or application only (will not be available trucks, buses, and older models), or the entire programme, full install KIA Microcat to hard drive takes about 12 Gb. KIA Microcat catalog interface is simple and intuitive.

In the catalogue of autospare parts KIA Microcat search by Vin, name of spare parts, original number, as well as the applicability of parts. The KIA Microcat KIA accessory catalog of original (original catalogue numbers, full-color photographs), but photos are not on all accessories. The program fully in English (interface and items of spare parts), so it does not cause any difficulties.



Year/release date: 2011 

Version: 2011.3.0.3 
Developer: Microcat 
Language: multi-language

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