Peugeot Service Box Documentation Backup 2007 - a new generation of catalogs the PSA - follower catalog PEUGEOT LASER. In the catalog Peugeot Service Box Documentation Backup provides information for the selection of auto parts and akssessuarov, as well as documentation of the repair and maintenance of Peugeot cars. The analogue site. Unlike lasera, actualized in the directory information, completely redesigned interface and engine, there is a full search on the VIN-code. Built on a client-server java-based technology works through a browser by setting a time on the server, it is possible to cling to the client machine. In practice, it works very fast.

Year: 2007
Version: 2007
Developer: Peugeot
Platform: Windows, PC
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
English language
System Requirements: Java-based, so make sure that the performance of your computer

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