Why do you need a ProScan scan tool?

ProScan will provide you with the following benefits:

If your check engine or service engine soon light comes on, ProScan will tell you why. It could be as simple as a loose gas cap.
ProScan can read and display freeze frame data, which is a snapshot of what your car was doing when an error occured.
ProScan can clear all codes and freeze frame data.
ProScan will let you reset the check engine light, effectively turning it off.
ProScan can show you the status of your vehicle"s readiness monitors, indicating emissions conformance.
ProScan can show the number and location of oxygen sensors on the vehicle.
ProScan can test your vehicle"s oxygen sensors to verify correct functionality.
ProScan can read the value of 169 supported parameters, such as vehicle speed, fuel trims, etc.
ProScan can display real-time data in a variety of formats including tabular and plotted in a graph.
ProScan can record and play back data.
ProScan can calculate and display instantaneous fuel efficiency (MPG) information for any MAF-based vehicle.
ProScan can calculate and display the real-time cost of a trip based upon distance and average fuel efficiency.
ProScan can be used to learn the "sweet spot" of your vehicle, so that maximum fuel efficiency is obtained.
ProScan can be used to calculate performance statistics such as 0-60 MPH, 1/4 mile time and trap speed, 1/8 mile, etc.
ProScan can generate and export timeslips for sharing online.
ProScan can estimate horsepower and torque curves and generate dyno charts.
ProScan can generate printable diagnostic reports for a given vehicle.
ProScan can switch between English and Metric units.

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