What is ProScan?
ProScan is an extremely popular tool that allows you to use a laptop or PC to communicate with your vehicle"s diagnostic system. If you don"t own a laptop, we offer a wireless option that allows you to use any PC up to 300 feet away! ProScan is a must-have tool for anyone owning a vehicle newer than 1996.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?
If your vehicle"s check engine light comes on, ProScan will read the codes and give you a detailed description of the problem. ProScan will let you fix the issue yourself and reset the check engine light without an expensive trip to the dealer. It could be as simple as your gas cap needing tightened!

Want to Save Money on Fuel?
ProScan"s new fuel economy analysis tool will show you exactly how fuel efficient (or inefficient) your vehicle truly is. Enter the cost of fuel, make a trip, and ProScan will tell you exactly how much that trip cost you. Monitor your fuel economy in real-time and observe how your driving habits affect fuel economy. Find your vehicle"s "sweet spot" and save hundreds a year in fuel!

Want to Monitor, Chart, and Record Sensors?
Diagnosing a problem on a modern vehicle can be a nightmare with everything being computerized and depending on sensors. ProScan will allow you to monitor your vehicle"s sensors in real-time. You can even plot sensor values or save them to a CSV file for manipulation in Excel.

Generate Performance Stats!
With ProScan you can easily determine your vehicle"s 0-60mph acceleration time, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile timeslips, and much more! You can even generate estimated horsepower and torque dyno charts!

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