Renault CLIP v.107 (07/2011)

Program Dealership Car Diagnostics Renault, Dacia, Samsung.

Extras. Information From Antonbcn:
1. If You Already Have An Earlier Version, Make Sure Deinstaliruem Previous Version!
2. Restart Your Computer
3. Run Crack.Reg
4. When You Install, When Asked The Country To Select OTHER.
5. Installed, Restart Your Computer
6. After Rebooting The Screen Will Be Registered.
7. First: Alt + Ctrl + Del And In The Process Disable RSRWin.Exe
8. Go To The Windows Folder And Delete The File RSRWin.Exe
9. Through Regedit To Erase All The Lines In The Registry File RSRWin.Exe
10. Reload

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