Renault Clip Version 114 FULL - dealer diagnostics software for Renault, Dacia, Samsung.
Works with Renault CAN Clip and Nissan Consult diagnostic adapters.

Year / Date of Release: 2011
Version: 114
Language: Multilingual
Medicine: Present

Extras. Information:
1. If you already have an earlier version, make sure to uninstall previous version!
2. Restart your computer
3. Run Crack.reg
4. Start installation, when asked the country, select OTHER.
5. After installation restart your computer
6. After rebooting the registration screen will appear.
7. First: Alt + Ctrl + Del and in the process window disable RSRWin.exe
8. Go to the Windows folder and delete the file RSRWin.exe
9. Run regedit and delete all lines with RSRWin.exe file
10. Restart your computer

P.S. If some error appears, there"s an instruction in archive, how to replace other two files.

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