Electronic parts catalog selection for Renault Truck - Renault Impact contains the full information on lorries and minibuses of firm RENAULT. In search of spare parts catalog contains information for Renault trucks. Search for spare parts program works with VIN codes - have a history of replacement of numbers, search by model number and the name of spare parts.

Impact DVD is an alternative to Impact Online application. DVD-ROM is installed locally on the computer or on the server, and the application works without an Internet connection. Since this app is not a network, it is less functional than the Impact Online, and may not contain some new information about cars. The entire contents of a selected application when needed.
Impact DVD can be ordered with specific parameters such as the range of the chassis ID, model, functional groups and types of information. A necessary condition is that all the contents of the Impact was placed on one DVD-ROM.

We present a new series of vehicles ONLY.
Renault C 2STEPS Series Construction Trucks
Renault C (RT) Series Construction Trucks
Renault D NARROW Series Distribution Trucks
Renault D WIDE Series Distribution Trucks
Renault K (RT) Series Heavy Construction Trucks
Renault T Series Long Haul Trucks
Renault T HIGH Series Long Haul Trucks

Extras. Information: Requires Internet Explorer 9 to run correctly.
Conflict with Volvo Impact.

Year / Release Date: 09.2014
Developer: Volvo Group
Developer website: http://www.renault-trucks.com/
Language: Multilingual
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