Renault Trucks Consult 03.2013 Portable

Year/release date: 03/2013
Version: 4.16
Developer/country/website developer: Consult/France
Manufacturer/nation/site of the manufacturer: Renault/France
Compatibility: Windows XP_x86 (on other systems are untested)
TecDoc support: Yes
Format: mdb
System requirements: basically a standard, minimum.
Language: English + Multi
Attention. First start the programme runs for a very long time when impressive CPU usage, especially on older PCs. The first time it is advisable to run, knowing that the computer will be free at the time of the break. At this time the program "accustomed" to the "new place of residence."

Description: Portable program so good that no messes in the system. Communicate instantly when desired. There are no conflicts with other software.
Consult the catalogue of spare parts Renault Trucks contains the full information on trucks and minibuses of firm Renault. In the catalogue there is information on trucks and minibuses. Works with VIN codes-have a history of swapping numbers, search by number and name of spare parts.
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