Renault Trucks Consult 08.2012

Year/release date: 03/2013
Version: 4.16
Developer/country/website developer: Consult/France
Manufacturer/nation/site of the manufacturer: Renault/France
Compatibility: Windows XP_x86 (on other systems are untested)
TecDoc support: Yes
Format: mdb
System requirements: to edit the date of MS Access. Basically a standard, minimum.
Language: English + Multi
Language support:
Setting: Briefly. 1 install the program. 2 Treated its file. 3 start.
For those who found it difficult to decouple from the date-hand has treated the file Consult.rar. That after installing a program is required, just unpack into the directory with the program, replacing the original file. Finish. The hand contains the instructions and illustrations in multi-page tiff files.
Remedy: change file + escape Method replacing the .dll files.
Update: no
Description: catalogue of spare parts Consult Renault Trucks contains the full information on trucks and minibuses of firm Renault. In the catalogue there is information on trucks and minibuses. Works with VIN codes-have a history of swapping numbers, search by number and name of spare parts.
Additional information: Retrieved on the virtual machine without office installed, as well as on Windows XP with installed office 2010 and Tecdoc. When you install-Renault not erases your Access 2000 and does not damage the installed office 2010. Fear is not worth it. Problems with tecdoc. Drawings of both programs show. The program easy, works fast.
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