Renault Wiring Diagrams (Renault EWD) (RUS)


A dealer Guide to electrics Renault (Renault EWD). Provides detailed wiring diagram Renault, block diagrams, pinouts and connectors of all kinds of layout wiring schemes, various relays, blocks, and so on. Each guide includes a list of the Renault èlektroshemam legend, functional electric circuits, connection points with "mass", the scheme laying electrical wire harnesses on the car and so on. The program has a simple interface in your language, you do not need. 



Year/release date: 2009 
Version: 01 
System requirements: Windows NT 4.0/2000/Xp Pro/2003/7/2008 
IE version 6.0 and later with ActiveX allowed by Adobe Reader or another PDF Viewer for your browser.

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