SAF-HOLLAND parts Catalogue 09/2012
Year/release date: 2012
Version: 5.02
Developer: Docware Gmbh
Developer site:
Language: multi-language
Crack: not required
Description: electronic parts catalog to find the axles of trailers and semi-trailers of the SAF-HOLLAND: axles, air suspension systems, brake systems, fifth wheel couplings, bearing plates, pins, support devices and other products the company SAF-HOLLAND (SAF, Holland, + GF + Trilex, Diesel).
To view the documentation from the shell works only with the Acrobat Reader.
Added manuals for repairing axles semi-trailer (repair information in German)
Additional information: program is installed in the system or simply copied to your hard drive. Will work in both cases fully.
The company SAF-HOLLAND is the on-line catalog. If the on-line catalogue under "Search" to score the identification number of the axis, the selection will occur in the catalogue of spare parts for a particular axis.
Link to online catalogue: ...;partLanguage = en

Directory of the distribution only works in off-line mode, like previous versions of the directory.
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