ScanMaster ELM 1.7
Year of manufacture: 2008
Platform: Windows
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
System requirements: PIII 700 Mhz
Description: ScanMaster 2.0 partially Russified. Adapter ELM 327.
Car engine FITTED with on-board diagnostics OBD ll. here is a list of these modes:
01) Output parameters in real time (Real time powertrain data)
02) Finding the "saved settings" frame (Freeze Frame)
03) Read the stored fault codes (Read Stored DTC)
04) erase fault codes, reset the status displays (Clear/Reset the diagnostic related information)
05) results of monitoring oxygen sensor (02 monitoring test results)
06) results of monitoring for a part-time test systems (Monitoring test results for non continuosly monitored systems)
07) results of monitoring to constantly test systems (Monitoring test for continuosly monitored systems)
08) actuating components
09) vehicle identification parameters
Additional information: does not require activation, set-work. (After installing the language prezapustite program)
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