Spare parts catalog UAZ-31512 UAZ-31514, UAZ-31519

Year of manufacture: 2000
Author: Ojsc "UAZ"
Genre:parts catalog
Publisher: Ojsc "Uaz"»
Format: PDF/DjVu (fully recognized), DOC (no revisions)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 432
Language : Russian, English
The catalog contains technical description and detailed specification of all units and details, grouped by constructive and functional characteristics. In the specifications of the parts numbers, their names and the number of the car. Every group and subgroup are accompanied by illustrations of constructive units and parts in the Assembly. The catalogue is a reference technical guide when calculating and compiling applications for spare parts and components. This catalog is a guide for the family cars UAZ-31512 for compiling applications for spare parts.
The directory has been prepared in accordance with the State of technical documentation on October 15, 2000
In the units and the details are grouped by constructive and functional characteristics.

fully recognized and created in PDF and DjVu (internal navigation with search by text, table of contents and copy) + DOC (without version)-but this is for those who want this format, it can be downloaded separately.
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