Spare parts catalog. Vaz-2110, Vaz-2111, Vaz-2112 and their modifications.

Year of manufacture: 2004
Author: Kosarev S.n.
Genre:spare parts
Publisher: UAB "KŽI" behind the wheel "
Серия: -----
ISBN: ISBN 5-85907-410-7
Format: PDF/DjVu/DOC (fully recognized)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 324/320
Language : English
The catalogue contains detailed specifications, illustrations of the family of Assembly units and components of automobiles Vaz-2110, 2111.2112 and their modifications, grouped by constructive and functional features. In numbers of Assembly units and parts, their number and name.
The book is addressed to workers of car-care centers and all drivers involved in car maintenance and repair on your own.
Revision and/or Publisher are not responsible for accidents, injuries and damage to equipment resulting from the use of this publication, as well as the changes made in the design by the manufacturer

Fully recognized and created in PDF and DjVu internal image navigation with search text and copying + DOC without Edition (for those who want to do), it can be downloaded separately.
The book is made at the request and on the basis of copyright scan sent 6512wer for that he thanks from all of us!
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