Spare parts ZIL-157 vehicle and a fifth-wheel towing vehicle ZIL-157v

Year of manufacture: 1958
Author: edited by j. v. kudryavtseva
Genre:parts catalog
Izdatelstvo: «Mashgiz»
Format: PDF/DjVu/(detected with OSH.)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 248
Language : English
The catalog contains technical description, detailed specifications and illustrations of Assembly units and parts of the ZIL-157 vehicle and a fifth-wheel towing vehicle ZIL-157v, grouped by constructive and functional characteristics in specifications contains the numbers of Assembly units and parts, their names, numbers and codes. Recognized (OSH.) and formed into a PDF inside navigation with search text and copying (most practical) and DjVu (economy-version) + DOC, everything can be downloaded separately. Are hyperlinks!
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