During installation CRplus on your PC may have the following options:
By default (no password):
• several ways to search for particular formula;
• Creation and use of databases with its own development;
• Review the formula in any volume / weight, as well as the usual printing or in the form of labels;
• connecting the balance to a PC;
• recalculation formula for weighting error;
• label printer;
• 2 of the report;
With the password "EXTRAOPTIONS":
• search by ColorDialog;
• Master of prices;
With the optional (calculable) Password:
• Additional reports;
• Administration of users;
• inventory control.
When setting the "Master of prices", "User Administration" is set automatically.

Extras. Information: Update 1/2013 / Database from 2012/11/18 / The assembly added an additional DVD plus Australia Asia.

Year / Date of Release: 2013
Version: 1.2 build 627
Developer: spies hecker
Language: Multilingual
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