Spies Heckher Cr Plus 2011
Year/release date: 2011
Version: 1.2 build539
Developer: spies hecker
Developer site: http://www.spieshecker.com/portal/en?page=GU-1.2.1....ns&catid=678
Language: multi-language
During CRplus installation on your PC, may be equipped with the following options:
By default (no password):
• multiple search paths you are interested in the formula;
• creating and using databases with private developments;
• view the formula in any volume/weight, as well as the usual printing or labelling;
• attaching weights to the computer;
• recalculation of formulas for error of weighing;
• label printer;
• report 2;
With password "EXTRAOPTIONS":
• Search by the ColorDialog;
• Master of prices;
With an additional password (and plannable)
• related reports;
• user administration;
• warehouse accounting.
When the installation Wizard "option price", "user administration" is automatically selected.
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