Subaru Fast 2 Europe 09/2007
Year of manufacture: 2007
Version: 09/2007
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Interface language: only English
Description: Subaru Europe Fast
Year of release: 09/2007
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Description: 2 disc Europe: 20709LRSF-auto-10311LRSF, auto new old
relevance: europa 9.2007
SUBARU FAST program contains the catalogue of spare parts for SUBARU automobiles, starting with the 1984-85 (depending on region). Subaru Europe programme comes on two CDs. In archive two files directory from the drive. Establishes Subaru Europe simply under vindom zpuskaetsâ with the first CD from a folder SFFASTPGWIN file setup.exe and follow the instructions. After installation, set folder paths and database work. Subaru Europe program has a flexible interface, there is a search by VIN, model, product name details, information on substitutions and inline function definition parts to be replaced after a collision or crash.
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