Subaru Fast Eur/USA 03/2010

Year of release: 2010
Version: 03/2010
Compatibility with Vista: unknown
Interface language: only English
Description: electronic catalogue of spare parts SUBARU FAST contains the catalogue of spare parts for SUBARU automobiles, beginning with the 1992 season.
The directory on the selection of spare parts Subaru Fast just takes 2 MB, works by using an MS-DOS session, CD or hard drive-data from the CD are copied to disk in any folder and in the settings program is the path to that folder.
In the hand only A1 and A1 Europe United States
Europe: (relevance: 03.2010)
America: (relevance: 03.2010)
others take in previous hands
Installation: do not know that authors come up with previous hands, but opened any disc, copied the contents of the disc to HDD (or not to copy, but then when the program starts, the drive must be in the drive). Then run X:sffastpgwinsetup.exe. Agree with questions on installation. After completion. Follow start-all programs-Subaru Fast II-Setup. Specify the path to the folder in which to copy the disks, or CD DVDвиртуальным drives. Click OK, close. All can be run (the first item in a group of Subaru Fast) and work.
Note: Vin code enter only big Latin letters. PS: the disk to which the copies were made was infa: Subaru Europa (LH, RH) 10.03 Edit 57, in the second Subaru USA 10.03 Edit 85
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