Electronic catalog to search for parts Suzuki Worldwide Automotive EPC contains information on spare parts - spare parts numbers, pictures, history substitution rates, etc. all automobiles of firm Suzuki models including Suzuki issued Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary and Russia, except for Suzuki cars for the Japanese market.

For working with parts catalog Suzuki Worldwide desirable screen resolution 1024x768, because at 800x600 resolution of the information does not fit on the screen.

Parts catalog Suzuki Worldwide Automotive EPC works with VIN-code (sort parts suitable only entered WIN-y) or on models of Suzuki, a transcript of each position VIN (Optional Code), search by number, name of parts, etc.

PS There are some problems with some of the VIN, which 04.2011 their way, and in this version of the supposedly missing.

Year / Date: 2011/10
Developer: SNAP-ON
Language: English
Tabletka: None

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