TecDoc (2 quarter 2014) catalog selection of non-original spare parts for cars

Year/release date: 2 quarter of 2014.
Version: 2Q. 2014
Developer: Parts Info LLC
Developer site: http://www.tecdoc.de/
Language: multi-language (Russian)
Crack: Present
Description: electronic catalog TECDOC (2 quarter 2014). The largest directory of non-original spare parts and accessories for cars and trucks.
Additional information: If you would like to receive information from Tekdoka via the ODBC driver, the 64-bit Windows does not need to connect through the standard "ODBC data source administrator, and a 32-bit version of this program: C:WindowsSysWOW64odbcad32.exe
Then use the thus created a data source name (DSN) is possible only in 32-bit programs, but this limitation is not as critical.
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