Description: The original directory on the selection of spare parts Toyota & Lexus. Lexus is already active (just in case 16030117).

The program is distributed as an installer.
To install, simply choose the drive to which you want to install the program.

Mounted drives:
Europe: A1- 03/2016
General: A1- 03/2016, A2 - 01/2016
USA, Canada: A1- 03/2016
Japan: A1- 03/2016, A2 - 01/2016, F1- 03/2016
Overseas: F1 - 01/2016, F2- 03/2016
JPIO: M1 - 07/2015

Year / Release Date: 2016/03
Version: V1.0 L60 R040
Developer: Toyota motor corporation
Language: Multilingual
Tablet: Not required
Installation time - 30-40 minutes.

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