Toyota + Lexus USA: Auto Parts Catalog 3 drive + shell date 04 months 2007 year
Year of release: 04/2007
Author: TOYOTA
Genre: catalog of auto parts TOYOTA
Quality: eBook (computer)
Number of pages: image 3
Description: program of Toyota Usa has one of the best among all auto-programming interface and the ability to install and configure the program. Toyota Epc program supports four built-in language (English, French, German, Spanish) items of spare parts and five interface languages, four built-in and configurable (i.e. any). How do the Toyota Epc Russian interface, written in the article "how to Russify the Toyota EPC". Toyota USA program can be set to "hard disk", or only work with CD. For normal operation requires a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768.
The Toyota Epc has a search by VIN, model and body style, as well as ample opportunity to find the applicability of part number and get a list of service parts for different models.
Toyota + Lexus USA: Epc, catalogue of spare parts for all models of Toyota and Lexus USA + envelope + documentation and configuration
The full set of disks program consists of 18 CD (without installation), this set includes the following: Europa 4 CD Toyota, Toyota General 4 CD, Toyota USA. 2 CD, Toyota Japan 5 CD and three additional drive Toyota Frame. Wheels Toyota Frame divided into Toyota Over Sea 2 CD and Toyota Japan 1 CD. Wheels Toyota Frame are not directories, these discs contain information on VIN and chassis models, and rooms which are not represented on the main disk and do not come under the specific programme areas. In the program in addition to passenger cars and vans and trucks.
Program Toyota EPC contains schematic device of all Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The program is very convenient and easy to use. The directory for right-hand drive cars attached file with the prices of spare parts in Japan. The program also allows you to define Toyota EPC year and month of manufacture of the car by brand and vehicle number.
Additional Charge. information: 04/2007
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