Transpo EPC

Year of release: 2010
Author: WAIglobal
Genre:spare parts
Publisher: «WAIglobal»
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Формат: PDF
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Number of pages: 612
Language : English
WAIglobal is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for auto and motor vehicles, industrial equipment, sports equipment, maritime transport, as well as air various capacity of auto parts. His extensive connections, including WIRELESS PROVISIONING SERVICES, Transpo electronics and WBD brands is available in more than 105 countries. Through the extensive network of WAIglobal clients can gain access to high-quality products required it, when they need them. modern car engine technology requires precise electronic engine management systems to ensure the efficient operation of the engine and optimal control of emissions. The new concept of charging system, such as voltage regulators, using digital technologies and bridge rectification of current are critical to supporting the modern requirements.
WAIglobal produces Transpo brand precision electronic components for the automotive, Heavy Duty, marine, Off-Highway motorcycles.
These products include vprâmiteli, voltage regulators, ignition modules, sensors, and other semiconductors. With more than 2000 electronic devices on the market, Transpo is considered a leader in the aftermarket automotive electronics market, Transpo represents more than 200 new products per year.
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