Release year: 1986
Author: E. Hodačkova
Genre:spare parts catalogue
Izdatelstvo: «Glavkoopinformreklamy» CRIB
Серия: -----
ISBN: -----
Format: PDF/DjVu/(fully recognized)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 86
Language : English
The purpose of this directory is to help the owner of a motorcycle to get acquainted with its device, assembling and dismantling work, identify possible malfunctions of the Ural motorcycle units model m-67-36 "and how to resolve them.
The illustrations in the catalogue will help you to understand better and to understand the order of disassembly and Assembly of basic parts and details of the motorcycle and find the item for repair.
Traders can use this directory to compile applications for spare parts industry.
In the catalogue on page. You can get acquainted with fungibility 74 individual units and parts of historical and recent models.
In the figures directory details depicted in the technological sequence Assembly.

Fully recognized and created in PDF and DjVu internal image navigation with search text and copying, it can be downloaded separately.
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