Ural MOTORCYCLES IMZ-8.103-10, IMZ-8.103-40, IMZ-8.123-10, IMZ-8.107 CATALOG

Year of manufacture: 1973
Автор: ИМЗ
Genre:spare parts catalogue
Izdatelstvo: «Uralvneštorgizdat»
Серия: -----
ISBN: -----
Format: PDF/DjVu/(fully recognized)
Quality: the recognized text (OCR)
Number of pages: 84
Language : English
Motorcycle parts catalog "Ural", models of IMZ-8.103-10, IMZ-8.103-40, IMZ-8.123-10, IMZ-8.107 is illustrated reference technical guide when preparing applications for spare parts. In the figures directory details are in the order of Assembly. By the numbers in the figure in the table find the part number, the code and the name of the part. When ordering spare parts, specify the full number, code and name details.
In connection with the ongoing work on improving articles, which increases its reliability and improving the operating conditions, the design may be subject to minor changes that are not reflected in this publication.

Fully recognized and created in PDF and DjVu internal image navigation with search text and copying, it can be downloaded separately.
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