VADIS 2004 RU program for repair and diagnostics of all Volvo models
Year of manufacture: 2004
Platform: Windows XP, VISTA is unknown.
Interface language: Russian only
Crack: not required
Description: program for the lucky owners of Volvo cars. All car models of the group. The program offers all the parts that make up a car with pictures what is what and how to be. Plus all sorts of background information. Takes a bit less than the DVD.
The main objectives of VADIS: assistance in the process of selling parts and assistance during the process of repairing the car.
VADIS has functions for the following areas:
. Enter a symptom-reception of clients
. Guided search failure
. Parts information
. Maintenance information
. Contact car/meter
. The order and loading of software
. Contact the DMS (dealer management system)
The VADIS there are four different types of information:
1. Table of details and illustrations for information on spare parts. Information on spare parts can be obtained at the Information administrator ". To enter through the main window.
2. descriptive text and illustrations for the maintenance information maintenance. Maintenance information can be obtained through the window "information administrator".
3. procedures for the inspection and maintenance of the car to search for malfunction symptoms. This information usually get in the box "Enter a symptom." To enter through the main window. Information on the maintenance of the car can also be accessed from the car "link, where you can enter through the main window, and" Diagnostic reader ", where you can enter through the main window.
The program is used in the Volvo car.
Additional information:
Installation instructions:
1. Unpack the rar-archive.
2. simulate a ISO image
3. open the drive. Find ReadME!.txt. Read.
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