VALEO [-2013 (2014), PDF]
Year of release: do2013 (there are catalogues to 2014)
Version: 1
Developer: Valeo Service
Platform: PDF
System requirements: Adobe reader
Number of pages: 13153
Quality: eBook.
Language: multi + Russian
Crack: not required
TecDoc support: Yes
Description: country-France. VALEO catalog for selection of spare parts for European trucks, buses, trailers, minibuses, cars of European and Asian production. Rooms are ready to punch on the website in the electronic catalog, but. Site-format technical dock, is very limited. For this reason, not giving away the program from that drive. Celeseobraznee download technical dock where there are Valeo and all the rest. In the selection of couplings on the pdf Catalogue, for example-can be decomposed into basket clutch Kit, drive, sealants, and if there is a flywheel. Pads are detailed, content and so on.
With all directories removed copy protection. Each file indexed to search only on the file. For indexed retrieval on a package file to open the file "FIND.pdx". (Search database is located in the folder "find", files with the extension idx)
Optional: Hand as far as possible.

10/2013 Refilling associated with adding new files in a directory. As well as removing those that are outdated.


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