VAS PC v18.01.01 (04.2011)

VAS5054A interface is used to diagnose vehicle group VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda,Seat) at the dealership level for all on-board diagnostics. VAS 5054connects the car with a laptop / PC via a Bluetooth interface, theapplication of the cable is not required.
The range of a wirelessBluetooth connection, depending on environmental conditions and use ofthe PC Bluetooth adapter is 5 - 10 meters.

VAS 5054 user interfaceworks with the original software VAS PC and functionally performs thesame functions as the original device VAS 5052, using a regularcomputer.
VAS 5054 - vas PC v18
VAS-PC Base CD Version 18.01.00
Base CD18.00 English (4.2010)
Audi CD18.20 English
Audi CD18.26 English
Audi CD18.27 English (12.2010)
Audi CD18.28 English (2.2011)
Bentley CD18.01 English (1.2011)
Seat CD18.65 English (1.2011)
Skoda CD18.43 English (10.2010)
VW CD18.03 English
VW CD18.08 English (2.2011)
VW CD18.09 English (2.2011)
Lamborghini V18.01
Audi CD18.28 SPA
Bentley CD18.01 SPA
Seat CD18.63.1 SPA
Skoda CD18.44 SPA
VW CD18.06 SPA
VW CD18.07 SPA
VW CD18.09 SPA

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