VCDS-Lite 1.0 GB for KKL-USB
Year/release date: 2011
Version: 1.0 GB
System requirements: Windows XP (32/64), Windows7 (32/64)
Interface language: Russian
Crack: not needed
Description: for use with adapters USB-KKL any version.
Came out to replace the version of VAG-COM 311 transfer from MAN and VAG-COM 409.
VCDS-Lite 1.0. at the present moment is quite up-to-date version.
Differences between versions of the VCDS-Lite 1.0 from above:
1. at the moment, the latest version of rusificirovannogoPO.
2. Very much improved translation interface and error.
3. number of errors increased to 7770 compared to 7312 of 3.11.
4. Updated list of chassis.
5. Correctly displays tool tips.
6. new and additional features.
7. support for Localized, VCDScope, TDIGraph.
8. works correctly under all operating systems.
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