Vediamo - Engineering software for Mercedes.
Version 05.2014, the original software
program is designed to perform all the available functions of the various systems of control units.
It does not require any password and codes.
all the functions inherent in the program blocks of old and new cars.
engineering functions missing in standard inzhenerki das and ksentri, especially for new models in ksentri almost nothing, and this program can be very much in the new models.
briefly, coding, flash, CCN encoding (read, save, transfer to another unit), reading errors, deleting (delete from memory, even those in the conventional inzhenerki not deleted), the variant CCN encoding = disable the use of systems and sensors through the shutdown codes encodings, and much much more ...

Year / Release Date: 2014
Version: 5.05
System requirements: Win XP, Win 7
Language: English
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