VIDA 2010 D
Year/release date: 2010
Version: D
System requirements: WIN XP sp3, WIN VISTA business for drguih OS is not running SQL Server.
Strictly 32 bit!
No neighborhood with antivirus and brendmauzerami (locks).
Get it without problems on WIN 7 ultimate.
At least 2 Gb of RAM.
Video resolution of at least 1280 * 800
Language: multi-language (Russian)
Crack: Present
Description: program for diagnosis, search spare parts, provides step-by-step instructions to repair cars CAR Park including the ONLY SUV Hs60, 70, 90.
The program can be installed on any language listed in the installer.
Additional Charge. information: the Tablet launch after reboot. 1 login or admin. What would a regular WSL login, enter the folder of VIDA and erase the WSL file.
Information on trucks, where can I get the program to Volvo trucks do not know. Circuit diagrams in the program there is a separate disk.
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