Vivid Workshop 9.2 DataATI 11.2009. Q4
Year of manufacture: 2009
Version: Q4 11.2009
Compatibility with Vista: Yes
Language: English + Russian
Crack: Present
Description: Focuses on diagnosing motor electrical predominantly European cars. wiring diagrams ECU of the engine, the look and a brief description of the sensors, etc. electrical elements of the injection and ignition systems + waveform on the specified elements. Selective information on mechanics.
1. clear menu in the form of buttons with pictures allows you to find the desired section. a large picture showing the marking of number of units, deciphering the year, type, capacity, volume, etc.
2. the question of how much, what, where and when to fill, replace, maintain, how to check the oil level in the GEARBOX will not put you at a standstill. Moreover, the neighbor across the parking lot you can authoritatively state that it bred to replace oil in the main transmission, rather than check the braking system.
3. main technical data of the vehicle will be needed if there is a doubt in health or a desire to make a car like from the factory. In this section, oil pressure, valve clearances, timing angle, the beginning of the filing, marking the candles, sprays, coils, fuel pump, fuel injection system, fuel pressure, co, revolutions of the 20TH CENTURY, the clutch, the thickness of brake pads and discs angles of the wheels, etc.
4. Self belt replacement timing can have katostrofičeskie effects, if not to use large images, and clear, understandable instructions in section-engine repairs. In addition there are fragments of the spare parts catalogue showing the moments of inhalings nodes and connections (heads, connecting rods, pulleys, etc.). Simple and clear.
5. you are deeply mistaken if you think that the undercarriage Repair Wizard does not need such a program. Parts parts catalogs to find the zagadočkuû Stud, or remove the steering rack, without removing the engine.
6. section on the fuel system and ignition provides information, as no special devices to check or adjust the car. There is a self-diagnostic codes. But I this section seemed not very complete.
7. the schemes were not an unqualified opinion, on the one hand it is difficult to find simple, on the other there are very rare-circuit pneumatic suspension or climate control. Maybe the authors have chosen the "sick" devices of the vehicle.
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