Vivid Workshop DataATI 9.2 11.2009.Q4

Focused on the diagnosis of motor electrical predominantly European and / m. ECU wiring diagrams engine appearance and a brief description of sensors and other electrical elements of the injection and ignition systems, the waveforms in these cells. Selected information on the mechanics.

More information about the program:
1. Friendly menu in the form of buttons with pictures allows you to find the desired section. large picture showing the labeling of license units, deciphering the year, type, capacity, volume, etc.
2. The question of how, what, where and when to fill, replace, to serve as check the oil level in transmission will not put you in a deadlock. Moreover, a neighbor to park can be credibly claim that he was divorced for the replacement of oil in the main transmission, rather than to check the brake system.
3. Main technical data of the vehicle will be needed in case there is doubt in good condition or the desire to make the car such as a plant. In this section - oil pressure, valve clearances, timing angle, start feeding, marking the candles, sprays, coils, fuel pump, fuel injection system, fuel pressure, CO, and revolutions of the twentieth, the process of adhesion, the thickness of brake pads and discs, wheel alignment, etc . etc.
4. Self-belt replacement timing can have disastrous consequences if you do not use large pictures, and clear, understandable guidance section - engine repair. In addition there are available parts catalog spare parts showing moments of puffs of nodes and connections (heads, connecting rods, pulleys, etc.). Simple and clear.
5. You are grossly mistaken if you think that the repairman did not need a running program. Fragments of the parts catalog will help you find pin or remove steering rack without removing the engine.
6.Razdel fuel system and ignition includes information such as no special devices to check or adjust the car. There is a self-diagnostic codes. But to me, this section seemed not very complete.
7. Plans called no one opinion on the one hand it is difficult to find the elementary, the other caught a very rare - the scheme of air suspension and climate control. Perhaps the authors chose the most "sick" unit car.

Released: 2010
Language: English & Russian
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
Medicine: Yes

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