VMware BMW Rheingold WDS RUS 2014

Year/release date: 2014 +2009
Version: 3.47.10 + 12.3
System requirements:
Core 2 Duo
50 GB disk space
VMware Workstation v10

Description: Description: new diagnostic BMW cars.
Works with E and F series.
BMW Rheingold is a replacement of the diagnostic utility
BMW ISTA/D versions 2. XX. Now comes the official dealer services.

Garages and service stations, which specialize in cars BMW (BMW) would be useful to have at its disposal a dealer e-database of electrics cars BMW, series I-VIII. In other words the BMW WDS-an extensive collection of electronic schemes. The manual included wiring diagrams, indicate the location of all the relays, fuses and connectors, there is information about how the location schemes, èlektroblokov connectors and electrical components. A detailed breakdown of the diagnostic trouble codes. Electronic system of WDS contains full-color illustrated wiring diagram relays and fuses, connectors and their location pinout, circuits of electrical units and elements with description.
Program BMW WDS contains wiring diagrams for BMW cars from 1994 onwards

The BMW WDS contains wiring diagrams for the following bodies BMW:
BMW 7 E38 with 03/09/98-94
BMW 7 E38 with saloon, 09/98
BMW 5-E39, 95-08/12/98
BMW 5 E39 saloon with 08/98
BMW 3 E46 saloon
BMW 1 E87 hatchback
BMW 3 saloon E90, E91
BMW 5 saloon E60, E61
BMW saloon 6 E63, E64
BMW 7 E65, E66 body,
BMW x 3 E83 saloon
BMW x 5-E53,
BMW x 5 E70 saloon
BMW Z4 E85 saloon
BMW Z8 E52 saloon

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