Dealership software concerns Toyota Motor Company and Fuji Heavy Industries (trademark Subaru). It is intended for diagnostics and programming of all cars these concerns - Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, Scion.

Warning - 100% functionality of the program, including reprogramming, is possible only with the diagnostic interface MongoosePro (Toyota), Subaru VIM (Subaru) and Abritus72 (AVDI) (Toyota, Subaru, etc.). C ELM327, op-com, etc. DOES NOT WORK!

Extras. Information: In this assembly provided by the Russian office Abritus72, included Toyota EPC 2012 and calibration for cars Subaru USA and Toyota Europe.

Year / Date of Release: 2012
Version: 07-09/2012
System requirements: Standard + VMware v.9 +
Language: English
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